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The Ocean Grill
(720) 488-0333

8000 E. Quincy Ave
Unit 1500
Denver, Colorado

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The perfect way to finish off your meal.

Homemade Peach Cobbler- $5.25
Homemade peach cobbler served hot witha scoop of vanilla ice cream.
An Ocean Grill Favorite!
Key Lime Pie- $5.25
The original key lime pie served on a chocolate crust.
Chocolate Lover's Cake- $5.25
Chocolate lovers - this is THE dessert for you.
Tiramisu- $5.25
An Itallian favorite.
Cheesecake- $5.25
New York style.
Georgia Pecan Pie- $5.25
A southern tradition
Vanilla Ice Cream- $2.95
Plain and simple.
Shakes- $3.25
Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry

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